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Frederic Chopin
1810 - 1849

Frederic Chopin was a Polish-French composer. Born in Poland to middle-class French parents, he published his first composition at the age of seven and began performing in aristocratic salons at the age of eight.


He moved to Paris in 1831, and his first Paris concert the next year put him in the realm of fame. Known as a piano teacher, he spent his time in the highest society.


He apparently contracted tuberculosis in the 1830s. In 1837 he began a 10-year association with the writer George Sand; she left him in 1847 and a rapid decline resulted in his death two years later.


Chopin is not only Poland's greatest composer, but perhaps the most important composer in the history of the piano; he made exhaustive use of the instrument's abilities for charm, tension, variety and sonic beauty.

Fantasie Impromtu in C#m
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Walzer Nr 1 Op 18 Eb
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Walzer (Minutenwalzer)
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