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Anton Bruckner 
1824 – 1896

Austrian composer. Son of a country schoolmaster who died in Anton's youth, he was accepted into a monastery as a choir boy and learned to play the organ there.


In 1855 he was gifted organist at Linz Cathedral; Throughout his career as a composer, his orchestrations have been compared to organ sounds.


In 1865 he heard Tristan and Isolde in Munich and then worshiped Richard Wagner, although his own works remained committed to Ludwig van Beethoven.


In 1868 he was appointed professor at the Vienna Conservatory and settled in Vienna for the rest of his life.


He was 60 years old before he rose to fame with his Symphony No. 7 in E major (1884). He was socially awkward and eccentric, and he remained a devout Christian until his death.


His reputation is based on his nine symphonies (1866-96), his three masses and his Te Deum (1884).

Anton Bruckner - Symphonie Nr
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Anton Bruckner - Symphonie Nr
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Anton Bruckner - Symphonie Nr
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